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The evolution of Utility Expense Management and Resident Utility Billing begins here.

Compass AI® is as an interactive command based navigation tool to get you what you want, when you want it in the fastest and most direct way possible. No more clicking through report after report. Simply speak or type what you want and Compass AI® takes you there.


Designed to work with you.

Compass AI® was designed to work around the way people talk. It uses a Natural Language Interface to interpret the meaning and intent of your request, Business Intelligence modeling to turn large amounts of raw data into meaningful and useful information and Machine Learning AI technology to determine the best way to format and present that information to you or otherwise act on your request. Traditional Utility Management websites can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate, so most of the data they contain goes unused. Utility Smart is different. We designed Compass so that users bypass the hassle of searching and simply ask for what they want instead.

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Any question... Any report... Any Task...
Just ask!

“Show me a portfolio summary of the utility expenses and recovery last month.”

“Show me the resident utility charges due 05/01/18.”

“Send a copy of each invoice from each provider account at Legacy Point for each of the past 12-months to [email protected]

“What was the average cost of water and sewer on a per unit basis last year across all my properties?”

“Expand Palladium Biltmore so I can see expenses on a month-by-month basis.”

Always there for you.

Tired of having to wait for an account manager to get back to you?
With Compass, even complex questions are answered instantly, 24/7.

The AI component of Compass AI® means it can do much more than just pull up reports. Complex questions that require multilayered answers can be understood, broken down, and responded to in such a way as to not only clearly answer the WHAT, but the WHY as well.

Insightful engagement.

Compass brings a depth of insight and understanding to the decision making process that you just can’t get anywhere else. Compass not only answers fact-based questions, but hypothetical ‘what if’ questions as well.

“Hello Compass: Show me the recovery rates last month for the Palladium properties.”

“Show me the overall amount recovered Year-to-Date.”

“Are there any opportunities to recover more?”

“How much would the average bill go up at Towers if we were to bill back 100%?”

Ideal for accounting.

Compass AI® significantly reduced the time it takes to research any expense and payment questions that may come up. Ask a straight forward question and you’ll get a straight forward answer.

“Has the April Waste Management bill at Ridgegate been processed yet?”

“What batch was it posted in?”

“Has Utility Smart paid it yet?”

“What is the projected bill date for the next invoice?”

“Alert me when that bill gets processed.”

Why not have fun?

Connect a voice activated Amazon Echo device and you can literally talk to Compass and have it do whatever you want through vocal commands. Of course if you prefer to talk directly to a person, you can do so at any time by calling your Utility Smart account manager. We still provide, and will always continue to provide, that same personal attention and great customer service that we’re known for.


Resident Friendly.

Residents can use the Compass On-the-Go mobile app to get 24/7 answers to any of their questions, receive and view their monthly statements, access their account and usage histories, and connect to the property’s payment portal to pay their rent.

If requested, we can even add a “Contact Property” button so that they can call, email or text you directly with any property related issues.

We receive electronic data from over 3,000 Providers

96% of the utility data captured by Utility Smart is captured electronically. This technology-driven approach produces a near perfect level of accuracy by eliminating the human-error issues associated with manually keyed data entry.


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